Why clean your tongue?

Here are six great reasons:

1. Enhance the flavors of your food.

Tongue Cleaning enhances your taste buds and the flavors you experience by removing the gunk that builds up on your tongue. When your tongue is coated in this buildup, your taste buds aren’t fully exposed and cannot completely experience the wonderful flavors in your food.

2. Improve heart health.

Poor dental hygiene is linked to cardiovascular disease as well as diabetes and infertility. You might think, “I have great dental hygiene!” But if you’re not tongue scraping, that’s an awfully large surface in the mouth to leave uncleaned.

3. Prevent cavities.

By cleaning your tongue – especially the back part – you remove bacteria and toxins responsible for plaque. This translates into less plaque buildup on your teeth, which prevents against tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease.

4. Get rid of bad breath.

Some studies estimate that 80 to 95% of bad breath comes from the buildup of food, bacteria, fungi, and dead cells at the back of the tongue. The front of your tongue might look pink and healthy, but stick your tongue out in front of a mirror and examine it way in the back. You’ll probably see white, yellow, or even brown buildup way back there if you aren’t tongue scraping — and people can smell it (not to mention see it when you laugh out loud).

5. Boost your immune system.

Scraping your tongue will prevent toxins from getting reabsorbed by your body. Tongue scraping is especially crucial while you’re sick since a lot of gunk from coughing, sneezing, or sucking on cough drops or other medicines can build up on the back of the tongue.

6. Improve your digestive health.

Tongue scraping and a clean tongue both promote saliva production, which helps with your digestion.

Bonus Reason #7: It’s dead simple.

Tongue scraping takes seconds. Once you see all the gunk that comes off your tongue, you’ll never go back!


Mark Burhenne DDS