How does Stilobrush work?

The revolutionary double-action suction channels and concave neck work together to create a painless, yet highly effective “sucking” action that ensures a clean and, ultimately, healthy tongue. Finally, the rubberized, ergonomic handle allows for a firm but gentle grip that encourages proper use.

How is Stilobrush better than a tongue scraper?

Stilobrush is better than any conventional tongue scraper or brush because it works as a tiny vacuum cleaner.  Stilobrush was smartly designed without any sharp edges to comfortably and gently clean your tongue using the power of suction.

I clean my tongue with my toothbrush, isn’t that enough?

No. The bristles of a toothbrush are meant to clean the smooth, hard surface or your teeth and not the soft texture of your tongue. Even more, the narrowed, high profile of a toothbrush triggers the gag reflex immediately. But most importantly the soft bristles over-flex, becoming highly ineffective in scrubbing away the sticky tongue’s gunk.

How often can I use my Stilobrush?

To complete your oral hygiene routine, we recommend using Stilobrush on a daily basis.  Every time you brush your teeth and if possible after every single meal.  And specially before going to bed at night (which will help you greatly reduce morning breath!).

How can Stilobrush help me prevent "Mask Breath"?

Because of its gentle nature, we recommend that you use Stilobrush daily and at least twice a day, but more is better.  If you can clean your tongue after every meal would be great! Or if you prefer you can use it every time you feel you breath is getting funky.

Please remember, "practicing tongue cleaning in the morning won't prevent bad breath from developing later in the day, and although tongue cleaning is the best defense against bad breath, consistency is the key."

Does Stilobrush helps reducing the gag reflex?

Yes, it does!  Thanks to its narrow head, Stilobrush helps reducing the gag reflex.  But keep in mind that the more you practice tongue cleaning, the more you will get used to it. Please follow the "How to use" instructions.

Can I use Stilobrush with my favorite toothpaste?

Yes, just apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to your Stilobrush and follow the "how to use" instructions.

Is Stilobrush electric or battery powered?

Neither! That’s the beauty of Stilobrush - it sucks all on its own! There are no batteries to charge or cables to trip over. When meeting your tongue, Stilobrush  (innovative design) creates a negative- suction force that allows it to work as a tiny-vacuum cleaner.

How often should I replace my Stilobrush?

For hygienic reasons you should replace your Stilobrush every 4-6 months.