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Hello there!

It’s Henry  here – I am the designer of Stilobrush.  For as long as I remember, I’ve always been passionate about tongue cleaning.  Probably because my mother used to tell us to clean our tongue all the time when we were children, even when she didn’t know why. 

My passion has led me to an intense research on the subject and I have found a better way to clean the tongue, prevent bad breath, and eliminate the menace of tongue scraping at the same time.

Trust me, it hasn’t been an easy journey and through it all, I have scraped and scratched my tongue while looking for the right answer.  It has taken me a few years to design, test, prototype, and finally manufacture Stilobrush.

There is no question that Tongue Cleaning is the best defense against bad breath – But tongue scraping can be painful and unforgiving. That’s why we developed Stilobrush – It allows you to avoid the scraping and scratching of traditional tongue scrapers, and experience a deeper, safer clean with the power of suction.

Stilobrush “Tongue Suction Cleaner” works a mini-carpet cleaner and uses the power of suction to deep clean your tongue.  Its double-action suction channels create a bi-directional sucking force that extracts and removes (without irritating the tongue tissue) the deeply embedded bacteria and food debris responsible for bad breath. 

I believe with all my heart that Stilobrush will become the new standard for tongue cleaning, and it will encourage people to practice  daily,  proper tongue cleaning from now on.  I want to change the world a tongue at a time, and Stilobrush is going to help me do that.  I am excited to bring the tongue cleaner of the future to you! 

To improve your oral hygiene and discover the benefits of tongue suction cleaning with Stilobrush.



Introducing Stilobrush The Solution to Bad Breath

Don't hurt your tongue with scrapers

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