Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I clean my tongue?

The practice of tongue-scraping dates back to centuries. The Chinese & Indian cultures have been practicing the ancient Ayurveda therapy since historical times. Ayurveda strongly recommends regular cleaning of “ama”- the toxic harmful coating on tongue.

Ama is the underlying cause of many diseases and Ayurveda suggests daily tongue-scraping for better health. But the glitch is tongue-scraping can be painful and unforgiving which forces many to abandon the practice and in doing so they only end up with harmful oral toxicity.

Stilobrush comes as a lifesaver here by literally changing the way tongue cleaning has been in practice for decades through its innovative pain-free comfortable solution. Thanks to Stilobrush’s gentle cleansing mechanism, those who are scared of tongue-scraping will finally find a more viable and easier way to clean tongue and get rid of the toxic ama.

How does Stilobrush work?

The revolutionary double-action suction channels and concave neck work together to create a painless, yet highly effective “sucking” action that ensures a clean and, ultimately, healthy tongue. Finally, the rubberized, ergonomic handle allows for a firm but gentle grip that encourages proper use.  Stilobrush will not hurt your tongue when used properly.

How is Stilobrush better than a tongue scraper?

Stilobrush is better than any conventional tongue scraper or brush, because it works as a tiny vacuum cleaner.  It was smartly designed without sharp edges or rigid bristles to comfortably and gently clean your tongue using the power of suction. 

Thanks to the innovative design and functionality of the Suction Channels – Stilobrush delivers a superior tongue cleaning experience and complements the essential daily oral hygiene routine. 

I clean my tongue with my toothbrush, isn’t that enough?

In our competitor’s words: “The narrowed, high profile of a toothbrush triggers the gag reflex immediately, but most importantly the soft bristles over-flex and are grossly ineffective in scrubbing away the sticky tongue’s gunk.”

In our words: The bristles of a toothbrush are meant to clean the smooth, hard surface or your teeth and not the soft texture of your tongue.  Therefore, a messy, deteriorated and worn out toothbrush’s bristle head, is the obvious result of the wrong use.

How often can I use my Stilobrush?

Since bacteria and food debris will build up every time you eat and drink, we strongly suggest that you brush and floss your teeth, and clean your tongue after every single meal. Also,  using Stilobrush just  before going to bed at night will help you reduce the so called “morning breath.” 

Finally, to fully complete your oral hygiene routine, we recommend that you use Stilobrush on a daily basis.  Remember, to get rid of bad breath, consistency is the key.